Cranbourne Royal Botanic Garden

Since Little Miss was just a newborn she was quite unsettled inside her car seat. She would sometimes be fine, but other times she would cry to no end – this is one of the main reasons we dreaded long road trips.

We thought we’ll try shorter car trips to start with. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step – right?

We decided to visit Cranbourne Royal Botanic Garden on Australia Day last year. It was only 40 minutes drive from our place and that’s pretty decent for us. I know some people may cringe and think that a 40 mins drive is not a road trip, but hey, we had to start somewhere.


The garden is massive, with lots of walking tracks and lookouts. There is a picnic area and a playground in the Woodlands Picnic Area. We decided to go after lunch and with Little Miss in tow, we thought we’d start exploring the Australian Garden.



We arrived around 12.45pm just after lunch. For those of you who want to have a picnic in the garden there are many picnic spaces. There are 2 cafes one at the entrance and one in the garden. There were also several food kiosks for your snack pit stops.

We decide to bring our stroller with us – just in case Little Miss gets tired we don’t want to be carrying her around the garden.


If you prefer, the garden has an open air motorised vehicle which goes around the garden and has many ‘stops’ where you can get on/off.

There were several lakes and waterways inside the garden as well.


I wish I could have taken more images. Perhaps it’s a sign that it’s time to go back there.

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