Sushi Hon @ Emporium

Previously we have always avoided Sushi trains because most of them are quite tight in terms of space and the seating is not actually ideal for a toddler. Sometimes they have bar seating, and the table is too narrow – hence Little Miss can probably grab everything within her arms reach.

Last Sunday we finally braved to try Sushi Hon – a sushi train restaurant at Emporium. We love sushi trains and tend to go overboard (who doesn’t?).

We thoroughly enjoyed it and Little Miss was pretty happy too. Once she finished the cooked Tuna from a sushi, she would pick on the rice and eat them with her hands. I don’t think she likes the seaweed.

This is actually the whole space – so pretty tight and cosy. The chairs are not movable but they can fit under a high chair.


We were pretty lucky to be seated where the train actually starts.


Here are some of the things we had. Little Miss loved the cooked tuna with avocado and cheese topping. As for hubby and I, we tend to get the seafood rolls and nigiris to get your money’s worth.


If you have to try something, our recommendation is the grilled scallop with seafood stick, topped with caviar.


At the end we had 14 plates plus and orange juice for Little Miss. One plate was $4.50, so in total we spent $68.50.

Straight after we walked down Royal Arcade just to burn the calories off.


And nothing is complete without a cup of coffee to finish things off. It’s been a while since we had Clement Coffee so off we went to South Melbourne Market!


That was not beer – it was hubby’s cold brew. Little Miss was napping in the car, so we enjoyed our coffees at the rooftop car park. Fancy..I know.

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