Macedon Forest Glade Garden

It’s officially Autumn and one place to visit during this season is the Macedon Ranges. Around the same time last year we visited Mount Macedon. We didn’t actually go to Hanging Rock because Little Miss was still too young to go up and we weren’t able to carry her up – she was already quite heavy.

We visited a private garden, I think it was called Macedon Forest Glade Garden. A pretty good place if you enjoy leisurely walk around a well maintained garden.


There were a lot of flower varieties to enjoy, water fountains and statues.

We did have our stroller with us but it was quite laborious – I certainly wouldn’t have been able to push Little Miss around if it wasn’t for hubby. It also prevented us to go down smaller forestry paths.


After walking out and about, we sat on a bench and had a little snack.


On the way back home, we decided to stop for change Little Miss’ nappy at the Centennial Park, just opposite a church on Mount Macedon Rd. It was a really scenic park and we thought we’d let Little Miss run around and have a play.


She really enjoyed playing with the autumn leaves.


It was a short day, but given the opportunity, we’d probably go back there to check out other places.


Entry fee into the garden: $8.00/adult


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