Phillip Island: Day 2 – Koala Conservation Centre

After our Penguin Parade adventure last night, we decided to go easy today. We had breakfast in our apartment and, of course, we needed our caffeine fix to get through the day. We got our cuppas from Island Whole Foods – a nice little cafe near Coles.


Soon after our caffeine hit,  we were undecided between the Churchill Island Heritage Farm and Koala Conservation Centre. In the end, we chose the later just because it was closer to Cowes then the farm.

The entry fee was $12.50/adult. Children under 4 are free.


It was a leisurely walk inside the centre. We had our stroller with us – all the boardwalks are accessible. We spotted a few koalas, wallabies and Australian native birds.


It was such a nice walk that Clarice fell asleep in her stroller.

In the afternoon, we tried a new cafe on the island to have our caffeine re-fuel – just opposite the pony rides, next to the gallery – Mendl’s Coffee House.


To finish off, we spent the rest of the day on the beach and enjoyed the sunset.

Tip: Have a day where you don’t have to follow a routine (except your toddlers/babies’ naptime). You can just decide where to go on the fly, enjoy your family and have a great time!

We could’ve packed more activities into the day, however, we wanted to have a day where we could just relax and be more spontaneous.


Top tip: If you are staying in an apartment with washing machine and dryer, do your laundry! On our last night on the island, we did our laundry in the apartment – all dirty clothes washed, dried and folded. This way when you arrive home, you don’t have a bag full of dirty laundry to do. Yeay!



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