Pink Strawberry Cake at Bibelot

DSC03128_textI really wanted to go to Bibelot by Chez Dre for my birthday but it was cancelled because Little Miss decided to have her nap during afternoon tea – and parents will understand that ye shall never wake a toddler from her/his nap.

So the following week, we visited the place on Saturday afternoon. It was a nice beautiful day. We couldn’t find parking near the cafe, so decided to park at the South Melbourne Market car park (rooftop) which is just 3 minutes walk from Bibelot. The first 2 hour is free on weekends.

As soon as we enter, Little Miss couldn’t take her eyes off the glass cake display and was fixated on the pink strawberry cake.As we were seated, she started to demand her pink strawberry cake. So that’s what we literally said to the waitress – a pink strawberry cake. Luckily the waitress knew which cake we were referring too.DSC03136

As for me, I ordered the Mango, Yuzu and Coconut Dome.DSC03140I wish I could’ve taken a picture of her reaction when the waitress brought the pink cake to our table.DSC03137The pink strawberry cake was actually a cheesecake and I think Little Miss was a bit taken aback by the wobbly texture of it. She finished the strawberry garnish but didn’t want to eat the rest of the cake. So mommy and daddy ended up devouring all the cakes.DSC03145

After our calorie intake, as usual, we decided to walk it off in South Melbourne Market.DSC03160

It’s always a pleasure to go to South Melbourne Market.DSC03177 There were a band playing awesome tunes just outside at the end of Aisle D.DSC03168 We’ve also discovered a lot new eateries which are going to my ‘to go’ list.DSC03182

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