Sushi Kaiten

My hubby is into sushi train lately and we had Sushi Kaiten for lunch. We arrived around 12pm on Saturday.

We parked on an off street parking in front of the restaurant. It’s  1P spot and you need to buy ticket.


With this one, the tables are bar style and I don’t think they have high chair. Luckily, Little Miss is now big enough to be able to sit on her own without high chair. If you, however, have younger babies or toddlers, this place may not suit you. The place is quite tiny, definitely no space for strollers.


Little Miss’ favourite: Grilled Salmon with cream cheese.

Food was good, cleaner taste compared to other sushi trains – meaning not too much additives and moderate amount of sauce/condiments. Although everything was good, there was no stand out. Having said that, we didn’t order anything from the menu. All was from the train.


Salmon belly sashimi

There were 5 different plate pricing from $2.80 to $6.80. With Little Miss’ orange juice – which was $5.50, total cost was $86.50.


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