Werribee Open Range Zoo

For those with kids, a visit to the zoo is a must. Little Miss can now name animals and she really loves elephant. When asked what animals she would like to see, she would say ‘Elephant!’ Of course we didn’t realise that there is no elephant in this particular zoo. So if your little ones are looking for elephant, please go to Melbourne Zoo.

At the entrance.

Our family has zoo membership which is $96 per adult/calendar yer and kids under 15 years old are free. So basically if you visit the zoo at least 3 times a year, you may as well become a member.


One of the highlight of Werribee Zoo is the Safari, which is children friendly. So the first thing we did was to line up for the Safari. Considering it was a public holiday, the line was really long.

_DSC3366Long line to go on the Safari

_DSC3364Playing while waiting

As you approach the waiting bay, you can see the buses coming and going.

Waiting in the bay

Little Miss was so excited to be boarding the bus! This was definitely the highlight of our trip…

In the bus

The first area is for the arid dessert animals: camels, several species of antelopes and bison.

Then we went to see the hippo, which unfortunately was under water, but we managed to see three from the other side of the lake (outside the safari).


The third area is the Savannah. Here you will see the zebras, rhinoceros and giraffes. They get pretty close to the animals, which is amazing…

After that we just went around to see the other animals. This zoo provides several play areas for kids, although Little Miss was getting quite tired after the Safari that she preferred to be on the stroller (yes, she did skip her nap).

There were 4 lion cubs recently born, but unfortunately they were only on display in the morning for short period of time. So we only saw the male lion…



As we go through the exit – of course full of merchandise – Little Miss wanted the lion cuddly toy.


Luckily I managed to bargain with her and we bought the puffy stickers instead.


It was a wonderful day but pretty tiring – not only for Little Miss but for mommy and daddy.


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