South Melbourne Market: Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival

You may have noticed that South Melbourne Market is one of our favourite places to visit. We love the vibe and, of course, they have my husband's favourite places, Agathe Patisserie and Clement Coffee Roaster. Agathe Patisserie When we arrived at South Melbourne Market last weekend, the Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival was on. … Continue reading South Melbourne Market: Port Phillip Mussel and Jazz Festival

Sushi Kaiten

My hubby is into sushi train lately and we had Sushi Kaiten for lunch. We arrived around 12pm on Saturday. We parked on an off street parking in front of the restaurant. It's ¬†1P spot and you need to buy ticket. With this one, the tables are bar style and I don't think they have … Continue reading Sushi Kaiten

Pink Strawberry Cake at Bibelot

I really wanted to go to Bibelot by Chez Dre for my birthday but it was cancelled because Little Miss decided to have her nap during afternoon tea - and parents will understand that ye shall never wake a toddler from her/his nap. So the following week, we visited the place on Saturday afternoon. It … Continue reading Pink Strawberry Cake at Bibelot

Sushi Hon @ Emporium

Previously we have always avoided Sushi trains because most of them are quite tight in terms of space and the seating is not actually ideal for a toddler. Sometimes they have bar seating, and the table is too narrow - hence Little Miss can probably grab everything within her arms reach. Last Sunday we finally … Continue reading Sushi Hon @ Emporium