Werribee Open Range Zoo

For those with kids, a visit to the zoo is a must. Little Miss can now name animals and she really loves elephant. When asked what animals she would like to see, she would say 'Elephant!' Of course we didn't realise that there is no elephant in this particular zoo. So if your little ones are … Continue reading Werribee Open Range Zoo

Phillip Island: The Nobbies

This post is going to be a short one. Before we head home, we thought we'd visit the Nobbies. This area offers amazing coastal view from the boardwalks and look out points. There are penguins burrows on the hills and we were lucky to have spotted one! We decided not to take our stroller. You could … Continue reading Phillip Island: The Nobbies

Phillip Island: Day 2 – Koala Conservation Centre

After our Penguin Parade adventure last night, we decided to go easy today. We had breakfast in our apartment and, of course, we needed our caffeine fix to get through the day. We got our cuppas from Island Whole Foods - a nice little cafe near Coles. Soon after our caffeine hit,  we were undecided between … Continue reading Phillip Island: Day 2 – Koala Conservation Centre

Phillip Island: Day 1 – Penguin Parade

When it comes to Penguin Parade at Phillip Island Nature Park, the question we asked ourselves is whether to choose the General Viewing, Penguin Plus or Underground Viewing. We ended up getting the General Viewing tickets at $25.10/adult. Little Miss' entrance was free. I've never been to Penguin Plus or Underground Viewing so I can't … Continue reading Phillip Island: Day 1 – Penguin Parade

Phillip Island: Day 1 – Arrival

If you have noticed, our trips are mostly from last year (2016). When I realised that I have accumulated photos from our trips last year, it made me think that I should start blogging and posting them. Apart from that, I also thought that I could help other families by sharing our budget and things we … Continue reading Phillip Island: Day 1 – Arrival

Macedon Forest Glade Garden

It's officially Autumn and one place to visit during this season is the Macedon Ranges. Around the same time last year we visited Mount Macedon. We didn't actually go to Hanging Rock because Little Miss was still too young to go up and we weren't able to carry her up - she was already quite heavy. … Continue reading Macedon Forest Glade Garden